Compliance Training You Need for Your New Employee Onboarding

New companies, new employees, and new policies all require comprehensive and useful compliance training. Compliance is critical to ensuring that employees recognize the risks present to them and the resources they have available to them to operate within the bounds of rules and regulations set out by the government and other professional organizations.

Even though compliance training can be infamously unfun for employees to participate in, it is no less critical that they receive the training in an accessible format. What’s more is that following compliance rules for virtually every aspect of your business helps to make their lives better overall, in addition to helping make the world better for any individual that interacts with your organization.

When onboarding new staff members, HR must complete numerous tasks to successfully ensure they’re brought onto the company efficiently and effectively. Among other tasks such as filing  tax paperwork and other agreements, HR must train employees in a wide variety of topic areas, including health and safety, sexual harassment training, industry-specific procedures, and more. 

With the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination beginning to make its progress in the lives of individuals around the world, we can expect those businesses that haven’t been able to work in-person due to restrictions will make a return back to the workplace. When this return takes place, there’s never been a better opportunity to onboard employees right the first time. Successfully completing compliance training the first time helps to ensure that you won’t need to repeat the process in the future and will safeguard your business from potential risks present when compliance rules are not followed. That said, even with existing employees, now is a perfect time to turn a new page with effectivenew compliance measures that need to be trained, such as Covid-19 safety or sexual harassment training.

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New Employee Training Checklist

It’s critical that your compliance training is airtight to reduce the risk that is present within your business-anything from data security to health safety. Follow this checklist to ensure that you have all your bases covered.

1. Harassment Prevention Training

The #MeToo movement has lead to an increased focus on the importance of identifying and stopping sexual harassment in as many places as possible, including the workplace. Thus, a new list of policies and best practices need to be addressed to bring this destructive culture to an end. Quality anti-harassment training can help employees at all levels prevent harassment before it occurs and empower them to resolve issues when they happen in the best possible way.

2. Safety Hazard Training

With the current pandemic present globally, health and safety procedures are not something new to any of us. That said, your compliance training needs to cover more than just systems to be followed for protecting employees from illness or disease. It’s essential to communicate with your employees about what their responsibilities are if a safety incident occurs. 

Communicate your employees’ obligations in relation to reporting illness, injury, and more. Additionally, ensure that your employees know where they can find and access material, such as safety sheets that give instructions for how staff should complete tasks safely.

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3. Diversity and Inclusion Training 

Societal changes have led to increased expectations for workplaces to instill and promote a genuinely diverse and inclusive work environment. This is important for the equal treatment of individuals of all backgrounds, and having diverse and inclusive work environments also leads to better performance outcomes for your business. 

Overall, consumers are more comfortable making purchases and transactions with businesses that reflect the diverse representation of their communities. Implementing diversity and inclusion training can help mitigate the potential responses you may have from employees when faced with the inevitable reality of working with individuals from different backgrounds as your company grows.

Compliance Training


4. Code of Conduct Training

Communicating a code of conduct to employees is not only to ensure that they understand the rules that your company has in place in the workspace. Codes of conduct are also used to ensure that your entire staff is centered around common goals while providing them with insight and perspective to complete their work objectives ethically. 

The behaviors and actions of your employees all have very real consequences for the way that your business is perceived by customers, regulators, partners, and the community. When ensuring that your employees are aware of the behaviors and language that are and aren’t appropriate in the workplace, you’ll want to run through example situations where they’re able to actively apply the policies that your code of conduct puts in place.

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Additional Employee Training Checklist

While our list just covers a few of the main and basic compliance training categories, there are multiple others that should be covered as well. Some of these include:

  • Anti-Bullying Training
  • Anti-Corruption Training
  • Security/Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • Workplace Violence Training
  • Emergency Procedures Training
Compliance Training

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Innovative Online Training Courses With Arrow Up

Our team at Arrow Up has developed an engaging, accessible, and easy to follow digital training program for the many needs of your business. Our solutions can be used across devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and more for an engaging way to participate in the multiple training needs your company has when hiring on new staff members, and training your whole team on new policies. Our courses include sexual harassment prevention, OSHA-required accident prevention, empathy training, Covid-19 safety, and more.

As businesses open back up after the stay-home orders due to Coronavirus, make a decided effort to implement quality training procedures from the start, with Arrow Up. Send us an email today to see how our programs can be of service to your business.

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