CA Sexual Harassment Training – Supervisor – Food & Beverage


Featuring relatable situations and modern stories and circumstances. No confusing legal jargon — just digestible information and a conversational approach. Feels like a friend is teaching you – not a lawyer.

Connects with the modern workforce by featuring a wide mix of rich media :

  • video testimonials
  • podcast-style audiograms
  • video panels with employers, employees, and lawyers discussing the nuances of harassment at work
  • memes
  • animated gifs
  • and more.

[ Available in English and Spanish. Meets CA State Requirements. ]

Finally a course for the modern age, something that cuts through the noise and helps build a more inclusive and supportive work culture.

"A simple solution that really
connected with our staff."

800 degrees

"Feels like a friend is teaching you,
not a confusing lawyer."

Chef Mike Tomagorchi

"Easy, efficient, and effective."


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2-hour Supervisor course as required by California Law.

The Arrow Anti-harassment training course is created by restaurant operators for restaurant operators. Featuring real-world food industry situations and stories. Goes beyond confusing legal jargon — utilizing digestible information, modern scenarios, and a conversational approach. Features a blend of rich media including: video testimonials, podcast-style audiograms, memes, animated gifs, and more.

CA Sexual Harassment Training – Supervisor – Food & Beverage