Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Food & Beverage


Individual courses for Employees & Supervisors. Available in English & Spanish.

Certified harassment prevention training that speaks the unique language and culture of the food and beverage industry.



[ Available in English and Spanish. Individual Courses for Employees & Supervisors. Meets California State Requirement. ]

Why Arrow Up?

Engage your employees with actual conversations, rather than a boring training seminar. By hearing real testimonials and stories from people that have dealt with these issues, your employees can gain a better understanding of the importance of the training. Keep your employees safe and your business compliant with Arrow Up’s anti-harassment training course.

Featuring relatable situations and modern stories and circumstances. No confusing legal jargon — just digestible information and a conversational approach. Feels like a friend is teaching you – not a lawyer.

Connects with the modern workforce by featuring a wide mix of rich media :

  • video testimonials
  • podcast-style audiograms
  • video panels with employers, employees, and lawyers discussing the nuances of harassment at work
  • memes
  • animated gifs
  • and more.

Finally a course for the modern age, something that cuts through the noise and helps build a more inclusive and supportive work culture.

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"A simple solution that really
connected with our staff."

800 degrees

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"Feels like a friend is teaching you,
not a confusing lawyer."

Chef Mike Tomagorchi

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"Easy, efficient, and effective."


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California Non Supervisory Employee Training

A one hour anti-harassment training course for employees and supervisors that meets California’s law and regulation requirements. Available in English and Spanish.

What Is the California Non Supervisory Employee Training Course?

Arrow Up’s certified anti-harassment training program is an effective and engaging course that communicates in a conversational tone to make the content more approachable. By using testimonials from real people in the food, beverage, and industry, we look at real situations and break up the information into digestible facts.

The California employee training course features a rich blend of media, including videos, podcasts, memes, gifs, etc.

California Law Requirements

California state law requires every business that employs more than 50 people must provide its supervisors with two hours of anti-harassment training within six months of hire and additional training every two years.

By January 1st, 2021, all businesses that employ more than five people must provide all employees with one hour of anti-harassment training and two hours for those in a supervisory position.

Innovative Online Training that’s engaging and effective — it actually connects on a human level. Helps navigate difficult grey areas and gives your team more Do’s than Dont’s.

Protect your team and your business with a course that’s easy to use and has individualized customer care and a real human touch.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Food & Beverage