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Restaurant Sexual Harassment Training

“As experienced restaurant operators, we develop specialized courses that speak directly to our culture.”

– Jason Berkowitz, Arrow Up Founder


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"The world’s best sexual harassment prevention course, hands down!"

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"Wow! This training is incredible, we love it."

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"Culture-focused training that blows everyone else out of the water."

Why Choose ARROW UP Training ?

Effective content specifically made for the restaurant industry. featuring foodservice-scenarios that will be familiar to employees.

Simple to use. Works on any device. Get trained anywhere and anytime.

Personalized support and onboarding. Talk to a rep today!

Sexual Harassment Prevention Program features that make us stand out!

As innovators in online training and compliance our goal is to create impactful restaurant training that's easy to use and helps build stronger workplace culture.



Game-Changing Content

We go beyond legal jargon with a conversational approach. Engaging stories and real testimonials. A blend of rich media including: podcasts, video, animated gifs, memes, and more. No more cheesy reenactments.

A course for the modern age, something that cuts through the noise and helps build a more inclusive and supportive work culture.

Try the full course... We guarantee you'll be impressed.

Online Courses

$ 12
Per Course Per Employee
  • Culture Building - Effective & Engaging
  • Restaurant Specific Courses & General Industry
  • Quick Start-Up and Easy Integration
  • Available in English and Spanish

Custom Plans

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  • Worried about turnover?

    Buy rotating seats instead of paying by individual trainees
  • Personalized Support and On-Boarding
  • Preferred Pricing / Economies of Scale
  • Formatted for all training platforms

Protect your restaurant and your employees!

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“Culture-focused training that blows everyone else out of the water."

– Urban Plates

In 2019, employers paid out a record $68.2 million to people alleging sexual harassment violations, shattering the all-time record by over $10 million.

(Source: EEOC)

“90% of female restaurant workers experience sexual harassment.”

Source: Legal Voice

Train your staff. Shut it down. Avoid lawsuits

Created in collaboration with our distinguished legal partners, Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP.


Modern courses created with die-hard operators, employees and legal experts

All-you-can-eat training pricing per location is available (helps w turnover)

Train through our portal or host through your own learning platform

Track progress and receive instant certifications to download and share

All online training is desktop and mobile friendly

Modular and customizable to support your culture and brand

Separate courses available for Restaurants and General Industry

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Sexual Harassment Prevention


Sexual Harassment Prevention
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