Micro-Learning Program

Engage your team with quick reminders that deliver safety tips, best practices, & culture-building messaging.

The Science of Learning

The most effective training happens over time with on-going reinforcement, practice, and reminders. Staff remembers more info in less time by spacing out short lessons at planned intervals.

Modular & Customizable

Pick and choose our evergreen coursework work out of the box. Or or sign up for custom-made content that can transform your training materials into year round micro-learning campaigns.

Culture-Building & Fun

A quick laugh and 1 fast engagement cuts through the noise and is memorable. Each lesson is delivered in a tight package of one piece of media and a quick interactive engagement.


Together we can improve the old ways and reset for the new.

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Santa Monica
Misti Kerns President Santa Monica Travel & Tourism

"The real time real life and human side & comments are exactly what we had hoped for"

Santa Monica
Debbie Lee Chief Communications Officer, City of Santa Monica

"An engaging and positive COVID-19 empathy program that includes tips on how to listen & stay calm."

Santa Monica
Peter James COO, Public Works, Santa Monica

"Wow! Great course. I found it engaging, fun, varied, hip and enlightening. Definitely something to be proud of."



    Build Culture


    Meet Safety & Compliance Requirements


    Prevent Injuries


    Lower Insurance Premiums

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