Powering recovery with modern training and compliance & accountability tools.

As educational partners of local government and individual businesses, ARROW UP provides comprehensive COVID-19 safety training and accountability tools to help implement reopening and safe operating protocols.

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“Thank you for creating this program! During these difficult times, it's been so helpful to ensure everyone's safety.”

Kelly, King’s ATA

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"The real time real life and human side & comments are exactly what we had hoped for"

Misti Kerns President Santa Monica Travel & Tourism
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"An engaging and positive COVID-19 empathy program that includes tips on how to listen & stay calm."

Debbie Lee Chief Communications Officer, City of Santa Monica
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"Wow! Great course. I found it engaging, fun, varied, hip and enlightening. Definitely something to be proud of."

Peter James COO, Public Works, Santa Monica

Customized Covid-19
Safety Programs

here's how the training program works...


Engaging and Effective
COVID-19 Training

Online COVID-19 training - available in both English and Spanish. Industry non-specific courses & In-depth Food Service specific training.


Accountability Program - Implementation & Documentation

Tools to document how businesses are implementing the protocols and equip them with procedures to help maintain their safety program.


On-going Support & Updates

Get the Safety Task Force Subscription and stay compliant with on-going updates on ever-changing safety protocols.


Take The Stress Out of Safety

ARROW UP distills confusing protocols into easy-to-understand training booklets. It's as easy as 1-2-3-4.

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