Building Safer and Stronger Teams with Modern Online Training

Innovative Online Safety Training

  • COVID-19 Protocols and OSHA Compliance
  • Informative and engaging training that speaks in an authentic voice - available in Spanish and English
  • Lower your insurance premiums, employee overtime and operating costs

Customized Covid-19 Training Programs

here's how the training program works...


Fill Out a Brief Questionnaire

Answer some basic questions about your business and we build you a custom COVID-19 training program.


Get a Custom Training Packet

Training documents are customized for your business. One for managers and one for employees. Spanish and English available.


Take the Stress Out of Safety

ARROW UP distills confusing protocols into easy-to-understand training booklets.


On-going Support & Updates

Get the Safety Task Force Subscription and stay compliant with on-going updates on ever-changing safety protocols.

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Customized COVID-19 Training Program

  • Fill out a brief questionnaire and receive customized COVID-19 training documents for your business
  • ARROW UP distills confusing safety protocols into easy-to-understand personalized training booklets
  • Take the stress out of safety and compliance

Communicating with Empathy during COVID-19

  • Learn communication techniques to engage with guests who refuse masks and safety protocols
  • Teach managers and employees how to diffuse difficult situations
  • Give your team the tools to build a more supportive culture in your business

Safety Task Force Subscription

Join the monthly ARROW UP Program - Combine certified online courses, customized training packets, weekly micro-lessons, accountability tools, and compliance support into one low monthly cost. To be effective, training is ongoing and persistent, and our team of experts will make sure your team has all the tools to succeed. Let us be your guide through these difficult times.

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ARROW UP's culture focused training blows everyone else out of the water.

Matt Bassuk Urban Plates

ARROW UP has cracked the code on how to deliver these programs to small and mid-sized companies affordably in regards to time, effort and money spent!

Tom Lee CEO, 800 Degrees (14 locations)

Wow! ARROW UP's training is incredible, we love it!

Brooke Burton Director of Training, Lucky Strike Entertainment

Anti-Harassment Courses

  • Certified online training for the food and beverage industry
  • Unique content - no bad reenactments - only real testimonials
  • Now required by law ( Click for info on state requirements )


Purchase individual courses or buy in bulk for your team

Share a code instead of entering everyone’s email address

Train through our portal or integrate with your LMS platforms

All online training is Desktop and mobile friendly

Track progress and receive certifications when completed

Provide weekly follow-up messaging to maintain best practices

Game-Changing Content

Goes beyond legal jargon with a conversational approach. Engaging stories and real testimonials. A blend of rich media including: podcasts, video, animated gifs, memes, and more. No more cheesy reenactments.


Click here to get more info on your state requirements

Sample Safety Course Content

Sample Anti-Harassment Course Content


Culture Building

For Us By Us

Crafted Content


  • Purchase the courses you need.
    • You’ll need to buy a specific number of seats for supervisors and employees.
    • You can easily add more seats later if needed.
  • Get a link to share with your team.
  • Follow the link.
  • Make a new account.
    • Many people use the same computer at work, so make sure the last trainee is logged out!
  • Add the License Key & launch your course.
  • Complete the training and get a certificate.

You’ll need to purchase Supervisor and Employee courses for your team. Once the learner has registered and is launching the course, they can select English or Spanish. 

No. Everyone registers themselves with the company link and license key. 

The supervisor who purchases the courses is given access to a confidential Learners Report. They can follow the team’s progress and see who has registered, who is underway, and who has received a certificate. The Learners Report link is provided on the order confirmation receipt.

ARROW Certification works in collaboration with Aaron Colby, a partner @ Davis Wright ​Tremaine LLP. 

We don’t give out legal advice, but if you need a lawyer, contact Aaron Colby.

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