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“This isn’t a top down approach. Employees helped develop this course, so it really speaks to them. That's like no other training we've had..."

– 800 Degrees

“This isn’t a top down approach. Employees helped develop the course, so it really speaks to them. That's like no other training we've had..."

– 800 Degrees

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Sexual Harassment Prevention


Restaurant Safety

Working Together Teamwork : 101


Sexual Harassment Prevention
General Industry

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


Harassment Prevention & Restaurant Safety are required.
Avoid Unnecessary Fines. Get Compliant With ARROW UP.

Restaurant Safety Training

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Goes beyond legal jargon with a conversational approach. Engaging stories and real testimonials. A blend of rich media including: podcasts, video, animated gifs, memes, and more. No more cheesy reenactments.

Restaurant Leadership : 101

“Culture-focused training that blows everyone else out of the water."

– Urban Plates

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“culture-focused training that blows everyone out of the water.”

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"This training is incredible. It's actually fun. We love it!"

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"The world’s best sexual harassment prevention course, hands down!"

"Well-developed, OSHA compliant, safety programs that help enhance the culture in your company, save you money on your insurance premiums, and shield you from costly penalties.”

Corbin Wade, Hub International Insurance Services

Working Together

Teamwork : 101

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