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Restaurant safety, compliance, and leadership in one easy toolkit.

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Meet the Toolkit

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A team-building tool that limits risk and satisfies OSHA compliance.

The Arrow Up Toolkit:

Best-in-Class Training

Mandatory courses & ongoing micro-learning programs,
including Certified Sexual Harassment Prevention & OSHA Safety

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Team Dashboard

Track team progress and get a compliance score


Leadership Training & Support

Tools that foster strong leaders and a better culture


Interactive Safety Checklists

Weekly safety checklists that help keep you safe and OSHA compliant.


Employee Feedback & Gamified Rewards

Mandated feedback channels and automated rewards for participation and completion


“…this program can save restaurants thousands of dollars a year.”

– Insurance Broker, HUB International
Content is King

Game Changing Content

Our best-in-class content connects with today’s modern teams.

Inspired by the science of learning and featuring a blend of engaging media: memes, podcasts, interactive video, and more. Trust us… you’ll be blown away.

Key Tool

Leadership Support

70% of employees quit because of a bad manager.

The Arrow Up toolkit provides ongoing management training and weekly checklists to help supervisors grow into real leaders.

Yes, Chef

For Us, By Us!

Created by die-hard restaurant operators, legal experts, and restaurant workers of all levels.

The Arrow Up approach isn’t top-down, we build our programs from the bottom up.

Important operational training helps eliminate lawsuits.

Legal experts agree, the toolkit significantly reduces your company’s legal exposure.

...this program can save restaurants thousands of dollars a year. It’s an absolute home-run!

Corbin WadeHUB International, Insurance Broker

My younger supervisors are handling sensitive situations better since taking the training.


I can't wait to get your content into the WORLD! It’s by far the highest quality in the industry.

Director Client ServicesWisetail

It’s working, I don’t have to bug my team about masks anymore, and our portion sizes are more consistent. You’re saving me headaches and money.

Lead General ManagerDave's Hot Chicken

Culture-focused training that blows everyone else out of the water.


come for the compliance… stay for the vibe… 

come for the compliance… stay for the vibe… 

come for the compliance… stay for the vibe… 

come for the compliance… stay for the vibe… 

come for the compliance… stay for the vibe… 

Build a Culture of Safety

Frequently asked questions

What's in the toolkit?

  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Best in Class Training: ongoing micro-training + onboarding
    • Certified Sexual Harassment Prevention & OSHA Safety
  • OSHA Form Builder
  • Smart Checklists
  • Ongoing Micro-Learning
  • Anonymous Feedback & Other Mandatory Resources

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for a subscription
  2. Designate a Safety Lead to manage the in-house program
  3. You can also log into our web-app from anywhere, on any device
  4. Your Safety Lead signs in and other team-members easily create accounts themselves
  5. The Safety Lead uses the smart form builder to fill out mandatory OSHA documentation
  6. The Safety Lead completes a weekly safety checklists or hands it off to a trusted supervisor
  7. Safety Leads takes a weekly micro-training called a Training Bite. (2-3 mins)
  8. Depending on which program you enroll Supervisors receive a monthly or quarterly micro-training check-in. All other employees only receive the training quarterly.
  9. All team-members access long-form compliance training: Harassment Prevention and Comprehensive Safety Training
  10. The Safety Lead can access a Team Dashboard to track completion of tasks and more

Are these mandatory and certified programs?

Yes! Our certified training and form builders exceed all OSHA and compliance requirements. More than just checking the box, we make sure you’re protected from legal and insurance claims.

  • OSHA Compliant
  • DFEH & EEOC Compliant

Do you sell individual online courses?

Yes! Our courses are available on an ala carte basis.  Learn more here.

Is the coursework available in Spanish & English?

Yes! Employee trainings are available in both English and Spanish.

Who are your legal collaborators?

We proudly work with the prestigious national law firm, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP.

Training for today's workforce.

Our content is based on the science of learning and features a blend of modern media: memes, interactive video, animated gifs, and more. It’s fun and sticky!

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