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Connect and protect California restaurants with a powerful new training, compliance, and communication platform.

It makes running a safer, stronger restaurant so much easier… it’s compliance and training in a box.

What's in the program?

  • CalOSHA Compliance Toolkit
    • including Anti Harassment & Safety Training
  • Mandatory CalOSA forms & employee feedback channels
  • A library of off-the-shelf courses driven by immersive, interactive Video
  • Additional content for GM’s and KM’s : legal & regulatory advice from top employment attorneys & HR Leaders
  • Ongoing micro training & critical information

Course Thumbnails

Sample topics we tackle together:


Build Culture. Lower Liability & Turnover


Set Expectations & Track Participation


Team Dashboard

Supervisors are an asset & a liability

  • Lower turnover = 70% of employees quit bad managers, not jobs. The majority of supervisors need help managing coworkers and friends
  • Rising Lawsuits targeting ill informed supervisors tripping over the law 
  • Supervisors are in the mix and are usually there when things go right, or wrong. Give them the tools to handle the moment, emotionally and technically

GMs are expected to be HR & legal experts

  • CA is an ever-evolving state of compliance requirements and regulations
  • How do we handle a rise in workers calling off and dealing with heartfelt issues like high anxiety
  • Leaders are struggling to have corrective conversations, letting bad apples stay, or leaving the company open to wrongful termination suits

Grow Culture & Profits

  • Grow sales and lower losses by engaging leaders who engage with their teams
  • Tap into a library of info and courses to help hire right & deliver consistent, elevated experiences that build returning customers 
  • Give teams the training & tools to build healthy relationships at work

Turning Information into Action items

  • Invaluable info gets lost as it moves from owner to leader to employee
  • It’s important to target specific roles with need-to-know info backed with tasks and forms
  • Automated dashboards and scorecards keep teams accountable to each other

Lower turnover, risk, operational costs and insurance fees.

Protect Your Team.

Protect Your Business.

70% of employees quit because of bad managers.

How the Program Works

The web app works on all devices

No more worries about compatibility issues or having to download an app to your device. With our web app, you’ll experience seamless and consistent functionality no matter where you are or what you’re using. 😎 🌐

Easy Sign-Up + Introductory Courses

With a few clicks, you’ll be part of our community, ready to unlock a world of knowledge.

Once you register, we follow up to confirm your info, provide a passcode, and then your team can sign themselves up thru the web app.  🚀

Training Bites: Weekly Micro-Trainings

  • Bite-sized training w/ engaging tips, tricks, & reminders that help leaders guide their team to safer & smarter practices.
  • 2-3 mins

Intuitive Menus Guide Users Tasks

We’ve poured our hearts and souls into crafting a user experience that’s as smooth as your favorite streaming service, inspired by the sleek design principles of Apple TV. An intuitive interface that does one thing exceptionally well—guiding you to the training that matters most to you.

No extensive onboarding. Just turn it on and go.

When you’re ready to dive in, just power up and hit the ground running.  🔌 🌟

Have questions?

Chat with our team of experts to get more info.

    Automate your growth

    3:45 duration