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Compliance & Safety: Simplified and Gamified

An app with engaging training content & best practices safety checklists.

  • Lower risk, liability, & premiums
  • Develop & support supervisors
  • Cover all OSHA requirements
  • Employee training, feedback, and accountability

How the Toolkit Works

Compliance & Training: Simplified and Gamified

A subscription service with engaging content & a supervisory dashboard.

  • Lower risk, liability, & premiums
  • Develop & support supervisors
  • Cover all OSHA requirements
  • Employee training, feedback, and accountability

Choose a Safety Lead

The Safety Lead will be in charge of implementing the Arrow Up program at your location. The app makes it easy to keep everything running smoothly.

Choose a supervisor who is engaged and enthusiastic (a GM or Owner may not be the right person because they might be focused on higher level functions). You can always change the Safety Lead later.

Weekly Check-ins

Every Monday a Safety Lead gets assigned a new task to their HOT LIST on the app.

  • 1 brief Checklist per week
  • 1 Training Bite every month
  • Less than 5 minutes of obligations each week

Finish your weekly tasks in the HOT LIST and that’s pretty much it… it’s that easy!

Level Up in less than 5 minutes a week.


  • 1 checklist per week to be completed by the Safety Lead.  3-5 mins.
  • Effective checklists are pivotal in building strong habits.

Micro-Training: Training Bites

  • Bite-sized training w/ engaging tips, tricks, & reminders that help leaders guide their team to safer & smarter practices.
  • 2-3 mins

OSHA Forms

  • We’ve simplified OSHA required forms (i2p2 & Hazard Notifications).
  • Typically only done once a year with a brief annual update.

It’s never been easier to get compliant with the help of our form-assistant that streamlines and “de-mystifies” confusing government forms.

Foundation Training - Compliance

  • Safety & Anti-Harassment courses that satisfy state & federal guidelines.
  • All employees can log in and take these courses when necessary, typically only once a year.
  • One-time comprehensive training. Longer than short-form weekly training bites.
Onboarding & Ongoing

Culture-Building Training

Mandatory Compliance Training that drives best practices while strengthening your culture, and lowering risk.

Supervisor Tool

Safety Checklists

Companies want to be safer, they just need a simpler process to help them get on track and stay the course.

Safety Lead Tool

Team Dashboard

Track your team’s ongoing participation in real-time. Drive transparency, accountability, and feedback.

clients & franchise partners

A Culture of Safety Begins with Great Leaders

The Ultimate
InsurTech Toolkit

“…this program can save restaurants thousands of dollars a year.”

- Insurance Broker, HUB International

Why you and your insurance partner will love this new program?

Create Feedback & Accountability Loop

Build a 360° feedback and accountability loop from employee, to management, to owner, to insurance broker and carrier

Exceed all OSHA requirements

The majority of restaurants are out of OSHA compliance increasing liability, risk, and insurance premiums.

  • Cal/OSHA Requirements:
    • Designate a Safety Lead in all locations 
    • Provide and track initial and ongoing Safety and Harassment Prevention training to all team members
    • Each location requires an injury and illness prevention plan & hazard notification document to share with all team members
    • Give employees a secure channel to address concerns
    • Maintain annual recordables document for OSHA

Visualize problem areas and catch deficiencies

Stop accidents before they happen!

Reduce Liability & Risk

Reduce liability and risk through better data, communication, documentation, and training.

Drive Best Practices

A training platform with onboarding courses and on going micro-training and checklists that reinforces safe working conditions.

Simplify Risk Underwriting

Better risk underwriting and oversight through organized safety documentation and dashboard


$99/ month / location
  • Program primarily engages 1 Safety Lead at your location 
  • Weekly Safety Checklists
  • Harassment Prevention Training 
  • OSHA Safety Training  
  • OSHA Forms: I2P2, Hazards, & Accidents
  • Team Communication Dashboard

Ultimate Leadership

$199/ month / location
  • Program primarily engages 1 Lead and all the Supervisors at your location 
  • All the previous tier plus:
  • Growing catalog of courses
  • Customizable checklists
  • Upload custom content
  • Additional Leadership Development
  • HR & Communication Training Bites

The Works

$349/ month
  • All the previous tier plus:
  • Monthly check-ins and check-ups
  • HR & Legal advice / 30 min a month
  • Gamified incentives and rewards for Supervisors
  • Customizable training modules

Special Insurance Partner Pricing: 

Connect us with your Insurance Partner to learn more.

Safety Dashboard

Track Progress and get a Safety Score

OSHA Forms Smart Assistant

i2p2 + Hazard Form Builders

Modern Interactive Restaurant Training

Certified Long-Form
Ongoing Micro-Training

Employee Feedback & Gamified Rewards

Mandated feedback channels and trackable rewards for participation and completion

Smart Checklists

Employee Feedback & Accountability Scorecards

Resource Center

Anonymous Feedback Channels & Mandatory Resources

Automate your growth

3:45 duration