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Hospitality Training Re-Invented

Customizable online courses that strengthen workplace culture, while lowering liability and turnover. Available á la carte or in all-you-can-eat packages.

To foster great teams, you need to incorporate all POVs. We get smarter by having diversity of thought.

Trusted training partners of organizations big & small

From global corporate giants and city governments, to Michelin-starred restaurants and single-operators.

Modern Engaging Training

1st Person POV video

Propel engagement and retention off the charts 🚀

Entertaining = Effective

Interactive “Choose Your Own Adventure” Training

Put trainees in control of their own learning experience!

More Than Just Checking The Box

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

  • Cuts through the noise and communicates on a human level
  • Real-world scenarios, group round-table videos, and real stories!
  • Food & Bev and General industry courses that resonate with their unique cultures

À la Carte Courses

$12/ course
  • Culture Building & Engaging
  • Restaurant Specific Courses & General Industry
  • Quick Start-Up and Easy Integration
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Always Mobile Friendly

All You Can Eat

  • Worried about turnover? Buy rotating seats instead of paying by trainee.
  • Customizable Content
  • Personalized Support and On-Boarding
  • Volume Pricing / Economies of Scale

Compliance Bundle

$18/ per employee
  • 2 Courses: Sexual Harassment + Safety
  • Mandatory Training for Food & Bev Industry
  • 25% off when 2 courses are bundled
  • Onboarding new staff? Get compliant!

“Culture-focused training that blows everyone else out of the water.”

– Urban Plates, HR Director

Come For The Compliance
... Stay For The Vibe!

Our courses are made with real people telling real stories, giving real world tools, and highlighting teachable moments.

Cut through the noise and communicate on a human level, with training built for modern teams. Featuring a blend of rich media: memes, podcasts, best-in-class video, and more.

Cultivate Leaders & Build Your Team Up

Leadership 101: Restaurants

We stand out!

Our goal is to create impactful courses that are easy to use and help build stronger workplace culture.


  • Modern, modular, customizable and industry specific
  • Engaging, fun, and effective — no confusing legal jargon
  • Videos, memes, podcasts, and more
  • Meets OSHA’s training requirements
  • Personal Support – the Human Touch


  • One Size Fits None Content
  • Monotone lawyer speak – boring and confusing
  • Outdated content & unrealistic scenarios
  • Hard to use & distribute to your team
  • Ineffective & impersonal support

Prevent. Protect. Prosper.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Equip your team with the knowledge to prevent conflict before it escalates.

Delivered affordably & effectively! Truly in a league by itself.

Culture-focused training that blows everyone else out of the water.

This training is incredible, we love it!

It's working!! I don't need to bug my staff anymore...

Protect Your Team & Your Business

Restaurant Safety Training

Mandatory OSHA Safety Training

Many restaurants, bars, and cafes are out of compliance and susceptible to costly OSHA penalties.

Drive Insurance Premiums Down

Get safer and drive down your premiums. Our insurance partners can find you more savings.

We deliver training rooted in hospitality and service.
Contact us and quickly find the best solution for you.