Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training

A groundbreaking online course that helps build stronger teams and winning culture. Keep your employees safe and your business compliant.

"The world’s best sexual harassment prevention course, hands down!”

– 800 Degrees


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Why are we the fastest growing training program on the market?

Easy Set-up

Use our training platform or upload to yours. We'll get you across the finish line in no time.

New-School Content & Old-School Wisdom

Modern thinking and a blend of rich media (podcasts, videos, animated gifs, memes, & more) converges with time-tested insight & accountability.

Customizable & Modular

Our customizable courses are modular and can fit into any HR and Learning & Development programs.

More than just checking the Box

Sexual Harassment
Prevention Training

“Culture-focused training that blows everyone else out of the water."​


Why we
stand out

Our goal is to create impactful courses that are easy to use and help build stronger workplace culture.



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Game-Changing Content

Goes beyond legal jargon with a conversational approach. Engaging stories and real testimonials. A blend of rich media including: podcasts, video, animated gifs, memes, and more. No more cheesy reenactments!

A course for the modern age, something that cuts through the noise and helps build a more inclusive and supportive work culture.​

All You Can Eat

$ Custom .
  • Worried about turnover? Buy rotating seats instead of paying by trainee.
  • Customizable Content
  • Personalized Support and On-Boarding
  • Volume Pricing / Economies of Scale

Online Courses

$ 12 / course
  • Culture Building & Engaging
  • Restaurant Specific Courses & General Industry
  • Quick Start-Up and Easy Integration
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Always Mobile Friendly

Let's talk!

We are a company rooted in hospitality, so let's find some time to discuss how we can customize the best training program for you and your team. Drop us your email address and we'll schedule something ASAP!


Train your staff.
Avoid lawsuits.

In 2019, employers paid out a record $68.2 million to people alleging sexual harassment violations, shattering the all-time record by over $10 million. (Source: EEOC)

Created in collaboration with our distinguished legal partners, Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP.


Purchase individual courses or buy in bulk for your team

Share a link instead of entering everyone’s email address

Train through our portal or integrate with your LMS, HRIS or Payroll platform

All online training is desktop and mobile friendly

Track progress and receive certifications when completed

Provide weekly follow-up messaging to maintain best practices

Frequently Asked Questions

All our courses are offered in English and Spanish.

All our courses are compatible for mobile and desktops!

Yes all our courses are SCORM compliant and easily transferrable to all LMS systems

We provide instant downloadable certificates once a learner is done with their coursework. Also managers can track a learners progress and confirm their completion with our real-time learners reports.

  • Contact us to get a customized training program.
    • Our personalized support staff will work out the best deal for you based on your company size, location, and industry type.
    • You can always add more training seats later if needed.
  • Get a link to share with your team.
  • Follow the link and make a new account.
    • Often many people will be using the same computer at work, so make sure the last trainee is logged out when a new learner signs in.
  • Add the License Key & launch your course.
  • Complete the training and get a certificate immediately.

Don’t worry our team of personalized support staff will help you purchase exactly the courses need – Employee & Supervisor, State Specific and Language Preferences. Once the learner has registered and launches the course, they can select English or Spanish. 

No. Everyone registers themselves with the company link and license key. 

The supervisor who purchases the courses is given access to a confidential Learners Report. They can follow the team’s progress and see who has registered, who is underway, and who has received a certificate. The Learners Report link is provided on the order confirmation receipt.

ARROW Certification works in collaboration with prestigious law firm Davis Wright Tremaine LLP. 

We don’t give out legal advice, but if you need a lawyer, contact Aaron Colby.

Let him know that we sent you

No problem, we are here to help! Email us and we’ll give you a hand.

Separate courses available for Restaurants and General Industry

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Sexual Harassment Prevention


Sexual Harassment Prevention
General Industry

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