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Training new employees is often in the wheelhouse of a business’s human resources department. Still, when it comes to training business supervisors, you’re going to want to make use of some additional resources. This can include current managers and supervisors, and internal or external training specialists who can facilitate a smooth and efficient training initiative. All of these will be helpful in training newly hired or promoted supervisors so that they can serve as influential leaders within your business. Keep reading to learn about some essential steps that you’re not going to want to skip when it comes to new supervisor training.

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Step 1: Get a Sense of Their Skills and Work History

Talk to your newly hired or promoted supervisors to get a sense of their previous work experiences. Review resumes, applications, work histories, and anything else you can find to give you a better understanding of how they can function as an effective leader. This information will help your human resources representatives and training specialists develop an adequate training curriculum suited to everyone’s needs and experiences.

Step 2: Prep Your Documents

Assemble all of the documents that you’ll need to provide your new supervisors with. These include company policies, employee handbooks, employment regulations and requirements, standard operating procedures, and safety procedures. Prepare a collection of these various materials and ensure that each supervisor trainee has their own copy to refer to. It’s likely that your training specialists will also have documents and materials for the supervisors-to-be to go over. These tend to cover a range of topics, from leadership techniques to how to develop strong, supportive relationships with employees.

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Step 3: Set Up a Training Schedule

Take the time to review the schedules, projects, and assignments that these up and coming supervisors have to work on, and then determine the most efficient time to conduct the training sessions. It’s important to carefully coordinate these training times to ensure that everyone receives all of the required information and gets to know one another as fellow supervisors. Also, consider looking into additional options for training and funding, as different states may have programs to assist in a business’s training efforts.

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Step 4: Welcome Your Supervisors

A supervisor training session with three women sitting at a table together.

On the first day of training, welcome your supervisors to their new role as leaders in the company to help get them excited for the job. Doing this can help to reassure them that they have the full support and understanding of management behind them and their efforts. It can also help convey the message that your company takes great pride in investing in its employees. This message can help to motivate new supervisors while improving their overall job satisfaction. Not only that, but it can also encourage these new supervisors to do their best in building a solid and stable career with your company.

Step 5: Keep Supervisors Engaged 

Ensure that your future supervisors are fully engaged in the training process as much as possible through different exercises and team-building activities. These can include role-play, behavioral exercises, and working through hypothetical situations and problems that they may face as future business supervisors. These can help supervisors better learn how to address issues and perform as effectively as possible while serving in their leadership roles. 

Step 6: Start Training Sessions That Build on One Another

The training that these new supervisors receive should be structured so that new lessons always build off and expand upon concepts in previous lessons. It’s usually beneficial to start off small while reinforcing foundational ideas, such as the company’s overall mission and work philosophy. From there, human resources representatives and training specialists can begin to cover more advanced topics, like regulations, performance management, and employment laws. This can be followed by training sessions focusing on technical business expertise and overall knowledge of the company’s products and services. Try to incorporate different ways to foster strong employer-employee relationships throughout these training sessions, and don’t forget to emphasize the importance of leadership techniques while also providing constructive feedback.

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Step 7: Supervisor Follow Up

Once the supervisor training has been fully completed, check back in with each of the new supervisors to ensure that they feel confident in performing their role successfully. Remember, their skills and abilities will impact your other employees and the overall success of your business. Follow up with each of these supervisors (individually and in group sessions) every few weeks once they have finished their training, and then follow up with them every few months once you believe they have a complete handle on their leadership responsibilities. Even between these follow-ups, always be sure to encourage questions and provide additional guidance for supervisors who feel that they require more training to work effectively.

Final Thoughts to Consider

A business meeting and supervisor training session with five participants.

Employee training can be difficult, but it is an immensely crucial element of operating a successful business. This is especially true when training employees to act as business supervisors. It’s your responsibility to ensure that these supervisors receive all of the training and assistance they require to function effectively within their new roles. If you’re looking for some workplace training specialists to help you through this process, consider reaching out to ARROW UP to learn about how their top-quality services may be able to help.

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